Declutter your home and keep it organized for good!

A proven, self-paced program that teaches you how to clear your clutter from the inside out so that you can create a home and a life you love.
  •  “I have too much stuff.”
  •  “I don’t know where to start.” 
  •  “I want to simplify my life, but I don’t know how.”
  •  “My life is out of control.”
  •  “I have no energy, and I’m unhappy.”
Does that sound like you?
  The Yoga of Decluttering is right for you if...
  • You want a home filled with things you love, and you don’t want to spend all your time cleaning.
  • You just want to be able to get dressed without feeling like nothing fits you properly.
  • You hate moving piles of things from one place to another all the time without making a real difference. 
  • You want someone to give you step-by-step instructions that you can actually follow. 
“Just thinking about organizing my home made me feel exhausted. Nina showed me how to start — and how to keep moving forward. I’ve learned how to change my habits, and I feel lighter.”

If you’ve tried to declutter your home before and found yourself right back where you started — again and again, you are NOT alone. 

Many of the women who join The Yoga of Decluttering are just like you. 

They’ve tried to speed through the decluttering process and wound up frustrated and exhausted. 
They threw out bags of things and wound up buying more stuff.  
They hated the way they felt at home but couldn’t figure out where to start.

If you’re ready to truly declutter your home, from the inside out, and have a life that you love, then you belong in The Yoga of Decluttering.

  • Start from the inside and create a Vision of the home you want so that you know exactly what you’re working towards and don’t waste time. 
  • Follow the proven system, one step at a time, without getting overwhelmed and quitting in the middle. 
  • Work at your own pace, and start each session knowing exactly what to do so that you never struggle to keep up.
  • Free yourself from the clutter in your home and the clutter in your mind that’s keeping you from achieving your dreams.  
“I felt like clutter was coming out of the walls in my house! No matter how much I tried to organize, the clutter always came back. I was always frustrated. Now, the joy has come back to my house. My home feels more alive, and I have more energy. It feels like MAGIC — but I know it’s all Nina’s tools!!”
Jane H Mellem Linner

 What’s In the Program?
The Yoga of Decluttering is a complete, comprehensive self-paced program delivered in short video lessons that are designed to fit into your busy life and give you actionable steps to follow. You’ll also get plenty of worksheets that will help you to know exactly what you need to work on next so that you never feel lost. 

Decluttering with Nina is one of the best things I've done for myself in years. Nina is right: when you live in with clutter and chaos, you will feel like your life is out of control. Now, when I look around, I feel a sense of true calm. 

I’m suddenly aware of all the clutter — all the knick knacks and documents and the rest of it. I see how my clutter has lead to stagnation in my life. I have thrown out, sold, given away, and said goodbye to old dolls, collectibles, and love letters. I have looked at things with new eyes and carefully decided whether they have any value for me and my sons. It feels great to organize and open up space for something new. 
Siv Hege Kvalness


Here’s a closer look at what the course covers:

The Start-Up Kit:

It’s important to start as you intend to continue, so we’ll start with planning and intentionality. By putting in the time needed at the start, you’ll be able to treat yourself and your home with the love you both deserve — and your decluttering journey will be much simpler.

Remember, your home didn’t fill with clutter overnight, and changing your habits will take some time. Follow the steps in the program, and you will see real results in your home and your life. When you start the program, you will find detailed information on:

The Three Commandments:

The Three Commandments form the heart of this course. Whenever you are overwhelmed, unsure, tired, or frustrated, you can return to these three key tenets — they will help you get back on track and ensure that you stick with the program.

Understanding the Three Commandments will take you just a few seconds — they’re simple and straightforward. Over time, you’ll learn to live by these simple rules, and they will make it very easy for you to create and maintain a home and a life that you love.

Sankapala: The Intention for Your Home

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word that means your most heartfelt desires. By setting an intention for your home and creating the vision that you want to bring to life, you will give yourself a clear path to follow. Working through this exercise will ensure that you know what your goal is — and what you must do in order to reach it.

By starting from the inside, you train your body and your mind to follow the new habits you’ve established. As you work on these habits, you’ll discover how simple — and freeing — it is to rid your home of physical clutter.

The Five Second Rule:

Learn how to tap into this powerful rule and let your heart drive your actions. Sometimes, our brains are so full of information that we can’t even hear ourselves. That’s when letting the heart take over can help, so that we can move forward instead of making excuses and procrastination.

You’ll practice using this rule and see how effective and powerful it can be in many different areas of your life. If you’ve ever suffered from procrastination, this rule will be truly life-changing.

The Tidy Home:

Once you’ve understood the concepts we will work within The Yoga of Decluttering, we’ll begin working on the physical clutter in your home.

You’ll find 27 individual lessons, all broken down into small, manageable tasks that you can complete. For each task, you’ll get detailed instructions and guidance, plus plenty of examples so that you can move forward with confidence. And of course, you’ll learn all about Hygge — the Nordic concept of enjoying the beautiful pleasures of life.

Your organized life:

As you remove the physical clutter from your life, you’ll continue to work on the connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. 

By working in harmony with both of these, you’ll be able to create a home and a life filled with what you love. You’ll be able to free yourself from the things and ideas you no longer want in your life, and you will feel light and fulfilled.

The Chakras

What sets The Yoga of Decluttering apart from other courses on getting organized is our focus on the Chakras. The only way to create a truly organized home is to move slowly and with purpose — and to understand the connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. 

Did you know that Chakra is the Sanskrit word for energy wheel?  You can think of chakras as the connection between your body and your soul, where the energy flows in and out of you. When you truly understand the connection between the spiritual and the physical worlds, getting rid of clutter becomes so much easier.

If you don’t start from the inside, and you focus only on moving things around, you won’t be able to create a home you love. It’s so important to take the time to consider why you are moving items, what they represent to you, and whether they give you joy.

When you understand the Chakras in your home, and how they are connected to your body, you will be motivated to stay on track. Understanding the Chakras makes it simple to create new habits that will carry you forward every day, for the rest of your life.

When you enroll in The Yoga of Decluttering, you will also get access to regular inspiration and mini-lessons by email to help you complete the tasks you’ve set out to complete. You can actually pause and restart these emails at any time, so you’re never behind, and you never have to catch up. 

Work at the pace that is right for you and create a home and a life you love. 

You’ll also become part of our community of like-minded, enthusiastic people who are all working towards the same goal: to create a home and a life filled with love. 

Join the Yoga of Decluttering for just US $297 (payment plans available) and get these bonuses for FREE!
  • #1. *Let it Go Reminders app.* A daily reminder app that keeps you on track to simplify your life — Value: $97
  • #2. *Feng Shui: Room by Room*. One of my most popular Norwegian courses, with complete instructions to arrange every room in your home according to Feng Shui principles. Value: $397
  • #3. *Guided Yoga exercises to help enrich your experience and strengthen your focus. Value: $197
  • #4. Private Facebook group for support, interaction, and additional training. Value: $397.
  • #5. Monthly Tung Sing calendar. This almanac outlines the most auspicious days of the year for you — the calendar that more than one billion Chinese people consult daily. Value: $98.
  • *Course currently in translation and will be added to your dashboard when available. 

How would it change your life…
... to open your closet and see it filled with clothes you love, that flatter you, and make you feel good about yourself?

… to feel like you have the freedom to do anything you want, because you’re not tied down by things?
… to have time to enjoy life and take pleasure in simple moments?

… to feel happy and fulfilled in your home — and to know that you are living an amazing life?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who the heck are you, and why should I listen to you?

Hello! I’m Nina, a Feng Shui expert who has studied with the great Feng Shui Masters in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. But when it came time to help others arrange their homes in the best possible way, I kept seeing too much stuff keeping them stuck. From there, my love of decluttering was born.

I’ve been teaching this course in my native Norway and I’ve helped thousands of people to free themselves from the clutter that was weighing down their lives and their homes.

We need less, not more, to be truly happy.

How much does this cost?
In Norway, I sell this course for $497. But right now, I’m trying to build my English-speaking tribe, so you can get the complete course for just $297 — but only for a limited time! Think about it: You’re getting 6 months of instruction and support — and lifetime access to the material. That comes out to $1.57 a day — for a clutter-free home that you love. Don’t you think you’re worth that?

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! I’d hate for you to miss out on this program, so I’ve made a payment plan available. You can enroll for 2 payments of $175 or 4 payments of $97 each.

When does the course start?

You can start ANYTIME. The Yoga of Decluttering t is a self-paced program, which means you can start TODAY, work through each lesson on your own time, and get the support you need. If you want to take advantage of your special pricing, you need to enroll before the timer hits zero!

How much time should I expect to spend on the material each day?

All I ask is 20 minutes a day. If you get busy, take a break. By taking small steps and moving slowly and consistently forward, you’ll see real change in your life. We’re going to create new habits that will transform your home — and your life.

I’m super busy. I’m really not sure I have the time for this.

I hear you. Every single lesson in this course is boiled down into bite-size pieces that are designed to fit into your life. Here’s a secret: you’re never going to have more time. The timing is never going to be perfect. But if you start now, and do a little bit every day, you’ll make real progress — and that’s what matters.

Okay, but… I’m thinking of moving. Shouldn’t I wait until I’m settled in my new place?

Actually, no. If you take good care of the home you currently have, it will be much easier for you to attract a new home that is perfect for you. Study your home. Make it organized, and moving will be easier. Your life will be simpler. Everything is truly connected, and you will see how true this is the moment you start.   

Is this a course about Feng Shui? The Law of Attraction? Or what? 

This course is about decluttering and organizing your home. The information presented draws on my background as a Feng Shui consultant, and I share with you the wisdom of the Chakras, because it’s important to understand the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.  My studies and the time I’ve spent in Asia have given me a unique understanding of how we are affected by energy, and I will certainly share that knowledge with you, but this is not a Feng Shui course.

Is there a deadline for signing up? 

If you want to take advantage of the special bonuses in the webinar, be sure to enroll before the timer hits zero. You can still enroll after that — but you’ll miss out on the extra savings. 

Where do I sign up, and how do I pay?

Click on the [JOIN THE YOGA OF DECLUTTERING] button to go to a checkout page where you can pay with any types of credit cards. As soon as your payment is registered, you are signed up! 

What’s your refund policy?

Try the course out for two weeks. If it’s not for you, just email me at, and I’ll refund you personally.

©Nina Wolther Int.