To have the life and home you love, you need to create the space for it.

Imagine being surrounded by only the things which you love. Imagine that you live in a home where everything is in its proper place and you’re able to find everything that you need. You open your closet and know exactly what you’ll wear. You spend your time only on things which bring you energy. You have more space in your mind for new thoughts and ideas. Your body feels healthier and cleaner.

Maybe you've thought of taking up Yoga or Mindfulness, but you just haven't had the time. Imagine how wonderful it would feel to get rid of whatever keeps bothering or distracting you in your home. Imagine doing this once and for all and being done with this process. When you do this, you free yourself up so that you can enjoy more meaningful things in life. Things that, up until now, have only been a dream.

It IS possible and we don't need to set aside an entire vacation to achieve this. We just need to think differently and soon we’ll discover we can do this once and for all.

The Yoga of Decluttering is for you if you…
  • are tired of surrounding yourself with the mess of having too many things.
  • are willing to make an effort.
  • can set aside 20-30 minutes daily.
  • are ready to think differently.
  • want to take control of your life and are ready to change.
  • want to create a system that works.
  • want more energy and happiness.
  • dream about an easier and simpler life.
  Why is it so difficult to live a good, simple life? 

The one thing that often stops us is that we don't know where to start. We try to tidy up a bit here and there, but we simply slide back into old habits. It doesn't have to be this way and changing only requires a few simple adjustments. You simply need a "turn-around" in your way of thinking.

I have inspired many hundreds of Norwegian to obtain a better, more energized home. I helped people to get rid of what they didn’t need. In The Yoga of Decluttering online course, I  have created a system that works for you to love an organized life. A system that reveals WHY your life and home have become so cluttered and takes you step-by-step into HOW to get your act together. Now is the time to change old habits and doing this requires creating new routines. Undertaking this by yourself may feel scary and challenging. When you join the Yoga of Decluttering course, you’re not alone. You become part of a group!

 The Yoga of Decluttering gives you:
  • A step by step guide which shows you where to start and what to do. 
  • You will learn the Three Commandments which are the foundation for your success. 
  • In 6 months you will receive regular reminders from me to help you establish new, good habits. 
  • Our closed Facebook group  will inspire you to continue with these good habits.
  • Yoga of Decluttering is a life changing course that inspires you to do the neccesary change in yoyur life and your home.
  • So that you can live the life you love and be brave enough to let go of what you don't love. 
Small adjustments create big results:

The key to a clutter-free and tidy home is not to take a week off from work to do a complete overhaul of your home. It’s also not to gather your friends together one weekend for a massive cleaning spree. A clutter-free and tidy home can be accomplished with a simple and easy method that is part of a proven system.

It's about making the decision to change once and for all and having the ability and vision to focus your mind on the big picture while accomplishing the small tasks each day that will support your larger goal. It's about waking up and seeing the situation for what it really is. It’s about not trying to fool yourself. The good news is that this system works if you follow my simple steps.

You need to change a little both on the inside and the outside. Think of your home as a mirror of your life. If there are too many things lying around your home, it’s like having too many things on your to-do list.

  Work with Nina and take your home and life to the next level!
What is stopping you?


There is always enough time for the important things in life. I can guarantee that if you consciously go through a process and eliminate all unnecessary things from your home and life, you will be given more time for what you consider important. When you prioritize getting rid of everything you don’t need, your energy flow will be reestablished. You will begin to experience an upward moving spiral.


One of the biggest and most common problems I encounter when I work with people is that they don’t know where to start. The usual action is to surface clean a bit here and there without much of a result and then fall back to old habits. Get rid of the clutter once and for all. It is truly possible and so many others have already done so.


A lot of people experience cleaning and organizing as a negative thing. It’s something we ’have to do’ and we dread even starting. While living with a Buddhist monk, I realized something new. He would frequently do a cleaning and organizing meditation. When we are mindful and have a positive mindset, organizing can turn into a fun activity. In conclusion, we have to change the way in which we clean and organize.

About Nina Wolther

I am a Feng Shui expert. After doing hundreds of Feng Shui consultations in the United States, Europe, and Asia, I can see that a lot of the same issues are occurring. We have too many things. The problem is that we are not lacking anything. There are actually so many things, both physical things and things on our to-do list, that we can never seem to find a sense of flow. We are good at dreaming big and setting new goals. To make these dreams realities, we need to create space for them to grow.

My motto is: We need less, not more, things to be happy.

I’m living my dream life on the little tropical island of Sri Lanka, just south of India. In Norway, I have a small house right outside of Oslo where I reside a few months in the summer. In addition to working with online courses, I speak at events around the world on the topic of conscious living. I do yoga, meditate, run at the beach in the mornings, and live a good life. A lot of people call me lucky, but I have worked really hard to create my dream life. It has been a tedious process, with a lot of trials and tribulations, but I never gave up.

How it was for me:

20 years ago, I found myself newly separated, broke, and terrified. I had no idea what direction my life would take. I did not know what I would do for a living, I just knew that I had to change my current unbearable situation. I rented a small apartment, came across a book on Feng Shui and was captivated. I simply HAD to learn more about this ancient Chinese philosophy. It took me many years of stumbling before I found my way. Still, looking back, I can see how every step on the way was important to learn what I know today. In addition to Feng Shui, I’m a certified coach and have completed several alternative training courses on the topic of health and consciousness. 

The most important thing I’ve learned along the way is that you have to work both on the inside and the outside – and it can be simple. While I was working as a coach, I could see how most client’s homes where not all ‘right,’ (energetically speaking). Working with Feng Shui made me realize that you have to change your mindset in addition to your physical home. From all these experiences, the Yoga of Decluttering course was born. It was when we managed to unclutter both on the inside and outside that both my clients and myself experienced the greatest positive changes in our lives.

This is what happened: 

Through many years I felt torn between the East and the West. I tried to establish my life in Asia, but was always pulled back to Norway, my home country. Only when I was able to purge the things I had stashed away in basements and storage units, was I free. Even though I was deeply involved with coaching and Feng Shui, I did not comprehend how much all the things we surround ourselves with influence us. This also includes the things we cannot see.

One morning I received a vision when I was running on the beach in Sri Lanka. I suddenly saw how all our different chakras (the chakras are 7 centers of energy in the body and affect different aspects of life) were connected to our home. I realized that if we are looking to better our self esteem, a few affirmations will not suffice. Specific areas in the home need to be cleaned and we need to tend to certain other areas such as love, finances, and so on, in order to accomplish this goal of living a clutter free life. Lastly, I realized that when certain areas of the home have blocked energy (clutter), those areas are blocked in life as well. I tested this system out on several people and it made sense every time. The Yoga of Decluttering was born, and I have guided many hundreds of people through this system. 

  Sounds too good to be true?

Listen to this: Over the course of 6 months, you will receive two weekly emails with a video and a PDF where I give you specific tasks for your home and life. Schedule 15-20 minutes of work every day and you will be able to bring your LIFE and your HOME to new heights. To begin, we need to investigate a bit on what has led to the clutter in the first place. The course will start with providing you with a Start-Up-Kit. You’ll get one task every day for the first five days. This will get you started, give you a good feeling, and motivate you to continue. Together, we start Operation Clutter Free Home, and soon, you are on your way! You will become a member of an inspiring Facebook group where you can meet other people who are on the same journey and exchange experiences, questions, trials, and successes. You might even find some new lovely friends who inspire you!

You Will Receive:

  • A Start-Up-Kit with a checklist and a video on how to implement small adjustments into your everyday life. 
  • This will begin to support you in making more permanent changes. 
  • A startup kit that will inspire you to get you started to tidy your home and organize your life. 
  • Information about the chakras in your home and life and how they are connected. 
  • Six months of explicit tasks which will change your home and your life.
  • Inspiration throughout the process.
  • A fellow group of enthusiasts who will cheer you on along the way and with whom you can also offer support.
  • Help to get started on the journey toward a clutter-free life.
  • A guided process of ‘detoxing’ and Mindfulness to de-clutter both inside and outside.
 The chakras in your life:
To understand the influences different areas of your home have on different areas of your life, I have created a simple system to allow for a more permanent and easier flowing stream of energy through the chakras. These simple tasks are things you can do on a daily basis. These are new habits for your everyday life. That’s it. There will always be challenges to overcome. To do this once and for all we need to clean up both our insides and outsides. The result will be a feeling of newfound freedom from getting rid of the things that keep drawing you into the past. You’ll receive:
  • Check lists with reflections for each chakra. 
  • Guided yoga exercises for every chakra to create balance  and harmony.
  • A simple plan focusing on getting a permanent and good flow of energy into your life. 
The Chakras in you home: 

Each area of your home plays a role in a specific part of your life. Each task you receive will describe how the inner and outer worlds are connected. Even though this might sound abstract, the tasks are designed to be clear and simple and come with check lists and a step-by-step plan for everything you need to do.

Exercises and checklists:

All the exercises come with a video and a check list. Where you start is important. There is an invisible red thread that travels throughout the home that each of these exercises are constructed around. I have developed this system with the help of Feng Shui, my Masters, my background in NLP, yoga, and my experience with working in hundreds of homes. It really works. Make a decision to do it NOW and I promise that you will achieve your goal of having a better life and a better home.

Get started and get it done once and for all:

De-cluttering a home can be a long process. Spend a little time each day on specific tasks to create good results. That is the best investment you can make. The Yoga of Decluttering course is a step-by-step guide which takes you through the home one area at a time, category by category. Sometimes we focus on the rooms themselves and sometimes we focus on the category. I will show you how. You will slowly get rid of all the blockages that are holding you back. This is meant to be a permanent process. Some areas will take more time than others. The course is there for you to go through at your own speed. Each exercise includes an educational video, written material with inspiration, and a simple task for you to check off the list. You work through your home step by step. After the initial Start-Up, you will receive two exercises each week to complete.

You can go through the course at your own leisure. If life gets in the way, you can put the course on hold (I highly recommend that you put a new start date in your calendar if this happens). If you get a kick out of the emails and the process (something that happens a lot), you can go ahead and do the exercises at your own faster pace. One of the most important things about the course is that de-cluttering and cleaning should be fun. The experience should feel like positive. The reason a lot of people struggle to get started is that they don’t know where exactly to start. Organizing a bit here and there can make your motivation drop quickly because you will get scattered. When you follow a recipe with a step-by-step plan and join an enthusiastic group of people going through the same process, it’s easier to get through the whole process.

Just thinking about organizing my home made me worn out. With Nina's support, I was able to get simple steps to start. It's not just about tidying the home - but changing your habits. That’s what is unique about Nina's course. Life feels easier with fewer things. It’s less heavy. I deeply recommended this life changing course.


The Declutter course with Nina was a great help to clean up in old stuff that was stored in my basement for years. The course provides practical input and is a good motivation to get started and continue with the process. I certainly recommend this awareness-raising course!


Decluttering with Nina is one of the best things I've done for myself in years. She has taught me how to work systematically from area to area in my life. Now, when I look around me, I feel an inner calm within myself.  Nina is right: it's chaos to have too many things around you and it brings chaos inside of you, too.


“Nina has helped me see the clutter in a new way. I now look forward to organizing, putting the ‘diamonds’ on display, and getting rid of everything superfluous. I have started a cleaning up process both at home and at work and you’ve made me realize how things are connected. Great to be able to do the course at my own pace. It feels great being on the path towards better organization and the new thing for me is that I can really feel the good flow of energy, or the ‘Chi’.”

Trine Gjestum Larsen

“I experienced a great load being lifted off my shoulders, almost “20 kilos.” I feel relieved and free. As I’m going through the process, I notice how my mind feels lighter and at ease: a lot of the clutter upstairs (in my head) has disappeared. To see how someone else appreciate everything I donate is worth all the work I put into it. I give all my excess things to an organization that works with orphanages in Eastern Europe. It feels nice to organize and realize that so many things are redundant. I have not replaced anything of what I have gotten rid of. I have meticulously gone through our things and kept only what we and the house needs. So far there haven’t been any impulse buys. It almost has a “religious” feel to it – I feel so free!”

Kjerstin Torell

“I have participated in the Clutter Free Home course and it has opened my eyes. Organizing all of a sudden means a lot more than just making the house presentable. It means helping my home to achieve a greater flow of energy. It means being conscious about the things my home consists of, including all knick knacks and documents. I have learned how my clutter has lead to stagnation in my life. I have thrown out, sold, given away, and said goodbye to old dolls, collectibles, and love letters. I have, of course, not gotten rid of my whole history, but I have looked at things with new eyes and carefully decided whether they have any value for me and my sons. I have gotten really good at it! I get rid of old things with much greater ease than before. My husband is very grateful for everything that I’ve learned and so am I! It feels great to organize and open up space for something new. Thanks a lot, Nina, for sharing so much great knowledge. I am super motivated and inspired!”

Siv Hege Kvalness

“Organizing with Nina is the best thing I’ve done in a long time; systematically going room by room with my own wellbeing in mind throughout. Every room and every closet got done before the next exercise started. I have a habit of saving things in case someone else might need it… or, perhaps I will find a use for it in the future. I ended up pulling everything out from closets and drawers. I asked myself, what do I need all these things for? Do I have any use for this in my life? I finally got everything sorted and packed – BOXES of knick knacks, curtains, table cloths, and linens that I haven’t used for over 3 years, and I gave it to the Red Cross. Any expendable clothing, I put in recycle containers. That alone made me feel great. And then it started. One thing lead to the other and I feel such an inner peace.”

Trine S

“I had the feeling of clutter coming out of the walls in my house! No matter how much I tried to organize, the clutter was back shortly after. My frustration rose with the mess. After I started the online course, the joy has come back to my house. It feels more alive and give me more energy. Nina’s tools are simple to put to use and very efficient. I want to say: it feels like MAGIC!”

Jane H Mellem Linner

“In a very short time, we have gone from being rootless and unhappy, to having a house with structure and harmony. Previously, we surrounded ourselves with piles of clutter and talked daily about moving. Who would have thought it would be so simple to create a happy home, right where we were? All in all, it has brought great joy and a lot more calm into our life. The energy, the finances, and the harmony have been affected. Our bathroom went through some changes based on Feng Shui principles. And what do you know, for a moment, I felt like I was at a spa as I was taking a bath. Imagine experiencing something so pleasant in your own home!”

Vibeke S

Money Back Guarantee

I am here to help you with your home. If you don’t achieve the results I have promised after completing all the exercises, I will happily return your money. 

Ready to join? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 

Facebook group

Join the Yoga of Decluttering closed Facebook group, a network of like minded people who support and cheer each other on. All course participants will have access to our closed Facebook group. It’s a place where you can share all of your experiences, good and bad, along the way. Getting rid of things you don’t need means stepping out of your comfort zone; having someone to share the ride with is key.

Start NOW, this is your time.


There are many opinions regarding the cause of clutter, and many are skeptical towards an online course. Below I have answered some of the most frequently asked questions I receive. Review these to determine if this really is something for you.

“When does it start? I’m quite busy and don’t have the time in the near future.”

This is a course which you can sign up for and start whenever it suits you. In my experience, the time is never right. One of the most common reasons we collect things is that nagging thoughts of, ‘if only,’ or, ‘when I have time,’ and this never happens. This course is designed in such a way that lets you take some small steps day by day. It is the continuous effort over time that leaves you with a permanent effect. There is no better time than NOW. Plan the course according to your own calendar.

“This is really something for me, but I’m thinking about moving. Isn’t it better that I wait until I have settled in a new place?”

“The law of attraction” is present also in this case. Take care of the home you currently have. This is an important lesson to see how you can make the best out of what you have. Then, you will attract a better home when you eventually move. Learn how to study your home. You will find that when your home is organized, your life will also fall into place. It’s all connected. What if you could change some of your old habits? You will experience newfound freedom and happiness. You will attract a better option for your next home, guaranteed. We all have 1,440 minutes available in a day no matter if you are rich or poor. It’s all about priorities. The course is available to you for a whole year.

“How much time do I need to spend on this?”

Set aside 20 minutes daily. I usually suggest that you spend this time as an organizing meditation. If life gets in the way, you can of course postpone the exercises. But, I suggest you plot your postponed plan into your calendar. We all know that our struggle with clutter to a great extent is caused by us postponing action towards doing anything about it. By taking small steps on a daily basis, we aim to change this habit. We aim to start a new habit that will help you. These new habits change not only your home, but your life in general. We also have a network where you can share your experiences and meet other people on the same journey. Maybe you will connect with some new friends? The more you put into it, the more you will take away. Some will spend a lot of time. If you have a home that needs organizing from the bottom up, be aware that this will take some time. It’s great to have a forum where you can share your all of your experiences, good or bad. I’m sure you must have already attempted the all-out effort without success. What you do on a daily basis, over time, is what will lead to permanent results.

”Is this a simplified Feng Shui course?”

My background as a Feng Shui consultant over the past 16 years has made me understand how energies work, but this is not a Feng Shui course. What I experience when consulting people regarding their homes is that a lot of times I’m having difficulties getting things done because so much energy has stagnated as a result of too much clutter. A lot of the principles I use I’ve learned from my studies and life in Asia. It has given me a unique understanding of how we are affected by energy. Many of the exercises are based on experiences from Western homes. In the end, East or West, it doesn’t really matter. Even science is suggesting that everything consists of energy and that this energy either supports or drains us in our daily life.

”When is the deadline to sign up?”

If you want to take advantage of the introduction offer, you should sign up NOW. Otherwise, this is a course that is available all year round.

"Where do I sign up and how do I pay?"

Click the ‘Sign Up’ button on this site. This will take you to a site where you can pay with PayPal and sign up for the course. As soon as your payment is registered, you are signed up!

“How does the payment guarantee work?”

Join in on the course without financial risk. If you, within the first two weeks, don’t feel this is for you, send an email to and I am happy to refund your money.

 What is the cost of the Yoga of Decluttering? 

The Yoga of Decluttering is a course that helps you to Tidy your Home and Organize your LIFE.  It is a 6 months journey and you can start over if you wish. You will have access to the course as long as you wish.

The normal price for the Yoga of Decluttering is $497 US.

Sign up now and pay only $99 US a month in 4 months.

Or one-time payment: $297 US.


©Nina Wolther Int.